AAUW of Beaverton

Belong to a community that breaks
through educational and economic
barriers so that all women have a
fair chance.

For more information about the branch and how to join, contact:

Mitsy Dunlap at mitsydunlap@gmail

What We Do . . .

      Membership Eligibility

AAUW promotes education and equity for all women.  Membership is open to any graduate holding an associate or higher degree from an accredited educational institution.

      Beaverton Branch

Beaverton area branch has 32 members. We hold monthly branch meetings that focus on:


 What We Do . . .

        Branch’s Legislative Achievements

 Our branch had a critical role in establishing a county-wide library system including books-by-mail, getting the state-wide kindergarten bill passed, and getting the Inheritance Tax Bill passed granting equity to unemployed wives. We now work with coalition members on women’s issues in the state legislature to pass bills of common interest.


 Annually, we support National’s AAUW scholarship programs . In conjunction with other branches we plan to send a student to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) held in Washington, DC. in 2013.

Why Join Us . . .


 Join like-minded members for fun and friendship.   Get involved through interest groups, special events, community activities, program meetings, AAUW of Oregon conventions, and National AAUW conventions.

These activities keep our members interested and active.

       Membership in AAUW of Oregon and AAUW National Support:

AAUW takes action on the issues that matter.

Equity is the legal right of all women and girls. AAUW frames and fosters factual, in-depth, objective dialogue among legislators and change makers that results in political, institutional and legal support for women’s equity in all areas of life and work. Our strength is in our numbers, and through the volume of our collective voice, we will continue to break through barriers for women and girls.

       Leadership Opportunities

Build your résumé and skills set by serving in leadership positions for the local branch, state and  national AAUW organizations.

       AAUW Scholarships

Apply for AAUW graduate fellowships and scholarships.

AAUW educates the next generation of scholars, researchers, scientists and professionals. For more than 130 years, AAUW has funded graduate   education for thousands of women.

Branch Meetings

Usually First Thursday at 7:00 pm

Beaverton Community Center

 12350 SW 5th Street

Beaverton, Oregon 97005

 Join Our Interest Groups

  • Book Group
    Meets once a month to discuss a book
  •  Great Decisions
    Meets weekly January-March
    Read and discuss international topics
  •  Ethnic Dinner
    Meets monthly Saturday evenings to
    experience food from different cultures
  •  Influential Women
    Meets monthly to support and learn about health issues
  •  Off the Beaten Path
    Meets monthly to explore the Portland
    metropolitan area
  •  New Member Happy Hour
    Socializes monthly at Café Murrayhill

Connect with us on the Beaverton Branch Facebook page and group:




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