Voter Turnout

The Power of One Vote

Just one vote in

1770  Gave the United States the English language instead of German.
1845  Brought Texas into the Union
1876  Elected Rutherford B. Hayes president of the United States.
1920  Gave women the right to vote in Tennessee, the last state to ratify the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.
1941  Saved selective service, just weeks before Pearl Harbor.
1960  Per precinct in key states, made John F. Kennedy president of the United States.
1984  Elected the mayor of Athens, Alabama.
1992  Decided a town council seat in Trinity, Alabama.
1999  Per district, decided a Virginia state senate race.
2000  Per precinct in key states, made George W. Bush president of the United States.
2004  Determined the outcome of a Salt Lake City School Board race.

One vote can make the difference!

One way to accomplish AAUW’s mission of promoting equity for all women and girls, lifelong education, and positive societal change is to get elected officials to take action on issues affecting women and girls.

AAUW members have a new resource to help you reach out to women and encourage them to vote. Woman-to-Woman Voter Turnout: A Manual for Community-Based Campaigns to Mobilize Women to Vote presents a step-by-step plan for members, branches, and coalition partners to maintain and grow the women’s vote and maximize local civic participation.

Increasing civic participation is one aspect of the Lifelong Learning thread of AAUW’s new programmatic theme, Education as the Gateway to Women’s Economic Security. Throughout its 125-year history, AAUW has proven that women speaking up and speaking their minds is a powerful tool in promoting equity for women and girls.

With a bipartisan membership of more than 100,000 members, 1,300 branches, and 500 college and university partners around the country, AAUW has the community presence and grassroots connections to get women to vote in this year’s and future elections.

For more information, including a free, members-only PDF copy of the manual, visit Order print copies from ShopAAUW at 800/225-9998.

AAUW members who are planning get-out-the-vote activities may request technical assistance and a printed copy of the manual from the Public Policy and Government Relations Department at or 800/608-5286.

Publication of this manual was made possible by a generous gift from Lilo and Gerard Leeds.