State AAUWs

Value of a State Organization

Their Purpose and Value

A viable state organization is a critical part of a vibrant national AAUW structure.

This organization in its most effective form

    • supports, promotes and enhances the AAUW mission
    • serves as a conduit of information, programming ideas, public policy action
    • provides grassroots input to the national organization
    • serves as a valuable part of AAUW leadership training
    • identifies new and upcoming women leaders
    • implements and facilitates projects of lasting value to state AAUW members
    • provides a platform for national AAUW speakers to those who can’t attend national conventions
    • provides an accessible forum for AAUW programs and local community projects and resources
    • connects AAUW to the wider state community
    • gives AAUW an opportunity to publicize its initiatives in a statewide venue
    • communicates national issues and actions to the grassroots
    • links otherwise isolated branches through a communications network
    • connects members to each other
    • provides a forum for exchange of ideas among branches
    • provides incentives for branches to participate in a larger AAUW venue
    • furnishes assistance on AAUW actions and activities
    • strengthens bonds between AAUW and universities through meetings and speakers.

-Provided by Shirley Breeze, AAUW Leadership Corps – April 15, 2011

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