Membership Application Form

Fill-in the form, print it, and mail it with membership dues payment to the following address:
AAUW of Oregon Membership VP, 468 Daly Lane, Gearhart 97138.

For national, state, and branch membership--please submit this form by e-mail. Click "submit" button. You will be contacted by a state or branch Membership Vice President. At that time you can send payment to the address given to you. When you fill-in the form below you are designating your choices regarding membership.

  • Select branch below. Dues are listed by branch.
  • Please calculate the total amount of your dues by adding the three figures together. Your local branch dues plus national dues plus state dues.

    Please enter a number from 32 to 120.
  • Notice: Your Oregon dues includes a one-year subscription to the state quarterly newsletter, OREGON NEWS, at $1. The primary delivery mode is through e-mail. Those members that do not have an e-mail address will received a mailed copy.

    Make check payable to your local AAUW branch. It will be forwarded to that branch from the state Membership VP and you will be contacted by that branch. Please print two copies (one to keep for your records and one to mail) before you hit the SUBMIT button.

    I am a graduate holding an associate or equivalent (RN), baccalaureate, or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution.