COA 1912-2012

AAUW of Oregon and 1912-2012 Oregon Woman Suffrage

In April, the state leadership team began a partnership with the OWS Centennial. This is an opportunity to involve your branch in a unique, one-time-only experience that will not only contribute to education, outreach, visibility, and recruitment in your community, but build toward comprehensive historical interpretations for the future. Your branch involvement will help to provide a catalyst to bring attention to women’s work in shaping our state.

The 2012 Oregon Woman Suffrage Committee will –

    • promote increased documentation and interpretation of Oregon women’s history.
    • create a website dedicated to historical information about woman suffrage, their political influence beyond suffrage, and that directs visitors to centennial programs an events.
    • secure grant funding that facilitates the processing of primary-source collections, including oral histories, and the creation of public programs across the state during 2012.
    • develop an exhibit that explores the campaigns for suffrage and the 100 years of women’s history in Oregon since suffrage.
    • lead the commemoration of the Oregon’s suffrage centennial to a culminating event in November of 2012 that celebrates the achievement of woman suffrage and women’s contributions to our state.

(The above information take from the pamphlet, “1912-2012 Oregon Woman Suffrage”)

It is timely that branch leaders start planning branch participation and identifying ways members can be involved.

AAUW of Oregon will –

    • Provide an AAUW of Oregon website link to the OWS website.
    • Focus state programming efforts on the achievement of woman suffrage and women’s contributions.
    • Participate in the centennial culminating event in November of 2012.
    • Communicate the OWS Centennial to all AAUW branches in Oregon and encourage branch/local involvement.
    • Provide information to members about how to contribute.
    • Collaborate for an AAUW Community Action Grant to aid in supporting OWS 2012.
    • Connect OWS to grant opportunities within AAUW.

AAUW your branch will – Now is the time for branch members to determine individual and branch involvement. What will your plan look like?

— Mardy Stevens, AAUW Leadership Corps Grassroots Liaison

Donating to the Oregon Woman Suffrage Centennial

Over the past year the work of planning for the centennial has made great strides. As a project of the Northwest History Network, the Oregon Woman Suffrage Centennial received a grant for $9,961 from the Oregon Heritage Commission to develop an official centennial website that will contain historical documents, essays, and current information about the 2012 centennial.  Grant funding requires matching funds, though, and your help is needed in raising the matching funds.  So far $3,350 has been raised toward the goal of $7,490!

Website –
You can donate to the Oregon Woman Suffrage Centennial by clicking the “Donate” button to the right.

Not into online donations? You can still support the centennial by writing a check to the Northwest History Network and mailing it to 410 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214.

The Northwest History Network is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Your gift is fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.