Position Description: District Director

Position Summary: The state district directors facilitate inter-branch, state-to-branch, and
branch-to-state communication and collaboration. They coordinate and chair the district meeting at the two state meetings, and at an optional fall district meeting, as well as submitting three district reports to the Oregon News.

Leadership skills: This position requires team and coalition building, mentoring, public
speaking, planning, goal setting and consensus building. The district director should have some
familiarity with current technology tools that AAUW of Oregon uses, i.e. Google Drive, MS Word,
pdf files, Excel, Zoom and email.

Please keep a record of your activities during the year and upgrade this description as needed.

Major duties:
• Submit an annual report to the president and to the membership: this is the report that is
presented at the annual convention district meeting.
• Organize a district meeting to take place at the convention and at the summer leadership
• Submit articles/information for publication in the Oregon News according to the directions of
the communications vice president.
• Remind branches of deadlines for their input to the Oregon News articles.
• Visit each branch in the district at least once during the two-year term.
• Consult with your predecessor for insights.
• Present the needs and concerns of the district at board of directors’ meetings.
• Request and try to receive newsletters from each branch.
• Be knowledgeable about organizational documents such as state bylaws, policies, long range
plan and goals.
• Encourage members within the district to attend state meetings.
• Assist the events coordinator and program vice president, as needed, to implement the state
meetings programs.
• Participate in the state budget process.
• Participate in the nominating process by recommending branch leaders to the nominating
• Serve on the annual meeting site committee.
• Ensure a transfer of organized files and give an orientation to the next district director.
• Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the president, the executive committee or
the board of directors, or as specified in the bylaws.

Time commitment:
Along with the time necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, this position requires
time to serve on the state board of directors, and to attend the state and district meetings.

Resources: Consult with your predecessor; AAUW of Oregon Bylaws and Policies; AAUW of
Oregon Directory; state website aauw-or.aauw.net; national website AAUW.org; state files on
Google Drive for governance and travel policy.

(revised April 2020)