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AAUW of Oregon is part of a nationwide network of approximately 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 branches, and 800 college and university partners, has been a leading advocate for equity and education for women and girls since 1881.

Summer Skills Camp via Zoom in early August

Details to come via an Oregon News addendum and email.

Summer Skills Camp, what is that?  It is our new, up-dated version of what was formerly called the AAUW Oregon Summer Retreat/Leadership Conference.  After much discussion, the Board leadership decided to hold this program electronically over several days, so you can participate in all or part of the training, still see your friends from around the state, and learn from peers.

Watch for things like:

  • A Suffrage kick-off session with Kimberly Jensen of Western Oregon University and the Oregon Women’s History Consortium (our Breaking Barriers Award recipients)

    Kimberly Jensen, Western Oregon University

  • Skills sessions which will include important topics such as:
    • Reducing the intimidation of leadership
    • How to run a meeting
        • Robert’s Rules made easy for today’s leaders
        • How to use minutes to inform your members and what they should include:
    • Expectations, problems and solutions/Your Way
    • How to use networks and advisors
    • Best Practices, AAUW and others
    • What’s working for you and your branch; what isn’t
    • How to groom future leaders in your branch
    • Fun as part of branch building
    • How to use the State Strategic Plan for your branch
    • Membership is everyone’s job
  • Hands-on training:
    Kelli Matthews

    Kelli Matthews – Social Media

    • How to use Google Drive/Google Docs to improve your communications
    • Engaging new audiences with Social Media:  Kelli Matthews
  • Projects – examples of branches with exemplary projects that you can use
  • Advocacy – Civics in schools, a public policy priority:  what can we do?

Additional details to come via an addendum to Oregon News and by email.  We look forward to welcoming you to this all-new format! 

Memo to all AAUW of Oregon Members Regarding Social Distancing, In-person Meetings during the Pandemic

A question was asked if there is any state (or national) policy governing AAUW meetings as Oregon begins to open back up. A member is concerned that some interest groups might start meeting before it is safe to stop social distancing and whether AAUW could be then liable for members getting sick.

In consultation with our AAUW of Oregon Board of Directors and Kim Churches at National, I am issuing the following advice to all branches and branch members.

Kim Churches gave this strongly worded advice with which I concur:

“You MUST follow your Governor’s and Mayor’s guidance. We at National have strongly advised absolutely NO meetings in person for the foreseeable future for all affiliates (branches/states), and in compliance with local/state guidance/orders. Our state/local laws supersede in this exceedingly difficult time. Better for all AAUW members to absolutely shelter in place and meet virtually via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or conference calls.”

 As President of AAUW of Oregon I am strongly advising that all branches do not have any in person meetings until Governor Brown lifts her “Stay at Home” order. That includes Interest group meetings. No branch should sanction any meetings of any group within the branch. If you need any information or help in setting up virtual meetings, you may contact our State Technology Committee Zoom expert, Nancy Brown, Events Coordinator, aauw.or.events@gmail.com for assistance.

Stay safe. Be well.

Georgia Applegate, President AAUW of Oregon

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