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The American Association of University Women (AAUW) of Oregon Special Projects Fund – works with AAUW of Oregon branches to further equity and educational opportunities for Oregon’s women and girls.

Annually through the branch projects, approximately one hundred fifty women and girls are provided various types of educational opportunities. For these, we thank our very generous AAUW of Oregon branch members, friends, and other community organizations.

Join our effort by donating to any of the branch projects or the Unrestricted portion of the Special Projects Fund. Or apply to use the Special Projects Fund for a mission-based community project your branch has always wanted to do. Working with the Special Projects Fund you will enhance the lives of Oregon’s women and girls!

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How to Support AAUW’s National Mission

It’s not just about where we are today, it’s about where we want to be tomorrow.

Thank you for promoting equity for women and girls by supporting AAUW’s critical work! When supporting the following funds, you give AAUW the ability to carry out its bold, strategic vision for the future. Every gift to AAUW is important but your dollars go farther when you give to the following funds:

AAUW Greatest Needs Fund (9110):  Allows AAUW the flexibility to respond rapidly to new and emerging challenges facing women and girls and to utilize your gift where it’s needed most. This fund ensures the strength, relevance, and viability of AAUW into the future.

The Education and Training Fund (4550):  STEM, Title IX, Pathways to Jobs. Addresses the barriers and implicit biases that hinder the advancement of women by championing equal access to education and ensuring that education at every level is free from sex discrimination. Examples of programs include: Fellowships Alumnae Initiatives, Fellowships and Grants, Public Policy, and Research.

The Economic Security Fund (4449): Pay Equity, Title VII, Retirement Security. Ensures livelihoods for women through achieving pay equity for women, providing training in salary negotiation, and deepening women’s retirement security and quality of life. Examples of programs include: StartSmart, WorkSmart, Legal Advocacy Fund, .

The Leadership Fund (4452): Career, Workplace, Training. Supports the effort to close the gender gap in leadership opportunities by bolstering the participation of and increasing the number of girls and women in leadership roles, particularly in education and nonprofit organizations.

When you decide to donate to AAUW…

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Already an Annual Donor?

By making a planned gift to AAUW National, you become a member of the AAUW Legacy Circle and affirm your commitment to equity. These gifts — or bequests — are donations that you designate in your will, estate or trust.
There is no minimum gift requirement to join the Legacy Circle, and the benefits are many.

  • Planned gifts afford you flexibility to provide for your family and support AAUW.
  • Planned gifts need not affect your cash flow during your lifetime.
  • Certain planned gifts may reduce estate or capital gains taxes.
  • The joy of knowing that your legacy gift will sustain AAUW’s programs for years to come is the ultimate benefit!

To learn more, contact AAUW at or Oregon’s Legacy Circle Liaison Claudia Gray at


AAUW is a top-rated 501(c)(3) charity, Tax ID: 52-6037388. Donations are tax deductible.