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About Resolutions

A resolution is a formal expression tool that helps focus, develop, and give direction to AAUW of Oregon.  The resolution statement helps to clarify and publicize the position of AAUW of Oregon on a current or controversial issue. Resolutions proposed shall be concerned with Association or state policies, programs, or public policy. A resolution is submitted by an AAUW of Oregon member at the State Convention and can be imitated by individual members, branches, standing committees, or the state board of directors. The Governance Chair shall be informed of any non-member who will be testifying.

A resolution statement has three parts:

  • First: Resolutions consist of a single statement that begins with the word “Resolved,” and states the reason for wanting action by AAUW of Oregon.
  • Second: A second statement that begins with the word “Whereas,” that provides information or reason for the adoption of the action to be taken by AAUW of Oregon.  A resolution statement may have one or more “Whereas” statements.
  • Third: A third statement begins with “Resolved, That AAUW of Oregon…” and states the support for a specific action proposed.

Resolutions shall include or be accompanies by a plan of action for implementation, supporting material, and a financial impact statement estimating costs of implementation for the state and affected organization or agency.  All resolutions are adopted for one (1) year or until the action resolved has been completed.