Financial Guidelines

Some branches have both a Finance Vice President (FVP) and a Dues Treasurer while others combine the positions.  Use whatever works for your branch.  Following are guidelines for each position:

Finance VP

The monthly reporting of the inflows and outflows in the branch coffers along with a “balance sheet” of “assets” (bank balance) is important, as is the preparation of the budget each year.  Also, the bank accounts should be reconciled each month and the assets protected from negligence and fraud.  Ann annual examination by an unbiased third party will help prevent problems. The state FVP is always available for any questions you might have and for sample reports and budgets.

Position Description:  State Finance Vice President


Dues Treasurer

This person collects dues from branch members and remits a portion of the dues to the Association and the state.  It is this person’s responsibility to complete the proper remittance forms either online or by snail.  At this time, the forms that are required are the Branch Dues Remittance form (BDR) and the Additional Dues Remittance form (ADR).  For information on dues and other financial matters, go to the Finance Tool Kit at, the BDR is a listing of members from the previous year sent yearly via an e-mail attachment around March 1.  It is to be updated and returned to the national office by July 1 with a remittance check.  Instructions on how to use the BDR and ADR online can be found on the national website on the Member Services Database (MSD) at .  Go to Member Center, input your member ID number, go to MSD and find your section on finance. If you are having difficulties, the state Dues Treasurer is available to assist you.

Position Description: Dues Treasurer.