Position Description: Communications VP

Overview of the position: Gain visibility for AAUW’s mission and programs among AAUW members and external audiences statewide.

Overall responsibilities:

  • Develop and oversee the state communications budget.
  • Maintain contact with branch contacts as needed.
  • Evaluate previous state communications efforts and assess current needs.
  • Form a state communications committee. Assign accountability for the various components of your communications plan, such as newsletter development and distribution, social media, and website creation and maintenance.  Committee consists of:
      • Oregon News Editor             
      • Website Manager
      • MailChimp list maintenance
      • Historian
      • Social Media Managers

Responsibilities for Oregon News (quarterly publication)

    • Establish deadlines for Fall, Winter, Convention and Summer Issues
    • Compile and lightly edit articles and send to Newsletter Editor
    • Work with Editor and Proofreader to produce final copy
    • Send finalized copy out in MailChimp emails to:
        • AAUW-OR Board of Directors
        • Branch Member
        • C/U Representatives and other interested parties
    • Post to state website
    • Send final issue for printing. Get list of members who receive a hard copy via USPS from State database manager and facilitate mailing.

Update and maintain the AAUW-OR State Directory:

  • Big update – Starts July 1 – issued by separate emails to
    • Branch presidents and
    • State Board of Directors
  • Update as needed throughout the year, post to state website and email (see next item)

State Annual Meeting (formerly “Convention”) Responsibilities:

    • Oversee all aspects of communication and publicity for the state annual meeting.
    • Have a logo developed for the state meetings.
    • Recommend workbook editor for appointment.
    • Appoint meeting photographer.
    • Finalize official meeting notice to members two months in advance and publicize by state newsletter and website.
    • Arrange for press releases, media interviews, etc.
    • Coordinate with the nominating committee to ensure timely receipt of candidate information.
    • Coordinate appropriate pre- and post-meeting communications with the Oregon News editor and the website manager, including photography.
    • Coordinate with the historian to ensure pertinent documents are archived.

Specific leadership skills helpful to the position:  Organizational skills, computer and email skills, planning, team building, consensus building. Basic understanding of publications, social media and website management and design.

Time commitments: Along with the time necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, serve on the state board of directors and other committees as assigned. Attend state conventions and board meetings.

Updated 2021