Position Description: AAUW Funds Chair

Position summary:
The state AAUW Fund chair encourages financial support for the AAUW mission and national
strategic plan through donations, advises branches on fundraising policies and remittance
procedures, and promotes, supports and encourages state and branch fundraising activities in
behalf of the AAUW Fund. Basic computer skills are needed, especially with a spread sheet,
and some familiarity with current technology tools that AAUW of Oregon uses, i.e. Google Drive,
MS Word, pdf files, Zoom and email.

Please keep a record of your activities during the year and upgrade this description as needed.

Leadership skills: communications in person and in writing, fundraising, record keeping,
mentoring and public speaking

Major duties:
• Serve on the AAUW of Oregon Board of Directors.
• Adhere to AAUW Fundraising Policy 501, contributions deadlines, fiscal management policies
and charitable tax laws.
• Keep current with and conversant about all facets of the AAUW Fund.
• Serve as a resource for members, branches, and the state board regarding the AAUW Fund.
• Disseminate AAUW research and fundraising updates to state board and branches.
• Receive state quarterly reports from national (PDF and Excel); disseminate the data as
appropriate to each branch.
• Report regularly on the activities of the branches and the results of their fundraising.
• Annually, solicit fundraising reports from branch AAUW Fund chairs and submit a report to
the state.
• Keep track of and send notes, as requested, to recipients of memorial and tribute gifts.
• Retain accurate records of state Fund giving and fundraising activities for the archives.
• Submit articles to the Oregon News to encourage giving and to share current fundraising
• Assist the program vice president in planning for state meetings as requested, such as a
fundraising event or a dinner speaker.
• Appoint members to the state Fund Committee, primarily for selecting the state Named Gift
• Keep the list current for Century Club (donations of $100 or more) members and years.
• Promote membership in the AAUW Legacy Circle, those members mentioning the national
AAUW in their will or estate plan.
• Prepare and disseminate annual State AAUW Fund recognition to members and branches in
select categories – refer to prior State AAUW Fund dinner programs from state
• Help to identify potential donors and opportunities for building fundraising capacity, including
collaborative partnerships with other organizations.
• Perform all other duties usually pertaining to this office or those designated by the executive
committee or the board of directors.

Time commitment:
The busiest times of year are the December end-of-year records update and spring, when
branches do the bulk of their fundraising. The month of April is busy because of the duties
required for the state convention Fund presentation and awards. Periodically, time is required for quarterly reports, news articles, and state board meetings, as scheduled. Ongoing responsibilities are replying to branch emails and sending notes to recipients of named gifts. The greatest time requirement is preparing for the state annual meeting: manipulate data to determine awards; request, receive and write reports; compile and prepare the printed Fund program and other handouts; and tend to any fundraising effort planned for the event.

Consult with your immediate predecessor and any other past state Fund chairs,
if possible, and utilize their files and ideas, both printed and electronic (USB drive); AAUW of
Oregon Bylaws and Policies; AAUW of Oregon Directory; state website aauw-or.aauw.net;
national website AAUW.org.

Updated 5/2020 by Ilga Ross