Website Management

The state website manager is available to provide assistance to branches in the preparation of material for their sites. To read about the various tasks of the state web manager, click the link below:

Website Strategy Basics (pdf)
(Kelli Matthews, Summer Skills Session, 8/19/2021)

AAUW Branch Website Maintenance (pdf)
(Suzanne Wicklin, Summer Skills Session, 8/19/2021)

State Web Manager Position Description

State Website Policy

AAUW of Oregon maintains an Internet site at It is loaded on the server of AAUW of Oregon’s Internet service provider and has limitations set by contract. Two purposes are served through the Internet site: visibility for AAUW of Oregon and its branches, and communication with members. Primarily the site has information about AAUW of Oregon and its programs. The site has links to branch websites and to the National website. As space permits, branch projects related to the current program priorities of AAUW may be highlighted on the site. For more details or a printer-friendly version of our Web Site policies, click the link below:

Internet Guidelines

Please Note

Policy 109, Section 3. Use of Name and Logo by States and Branches
Branches and states that use the AAUW Funds name or logo to market, sell products, or raise funds across state lines will need prior approval from AAUW.

The World Wide Web by its very nature crosses not only state lines but international borders! If you plan to sell anything on the Net/Web, first contact AAUW’s marketing director.