Covid-19 Guidelines: AAUW’s recommendation is to adhere to the state guidelines as determined by its governor. Link to

State Documents

State Officers Position Descriptions
This page links to the official state officer position descriptions, adopted April 2020. For generic position descriptions, go to the National website.

The National Website is a great resource for helpful information that branch and state leaders need to do their work. Go to our National Resources page or to the National Website at: State & Branch Tools on the National Website

Password-Protected State Documents

Documents that may contain sensitive information, including contact information, are password protected and in the Member Center. Click on “Members Login” at the upper right to enter this section of the website. The Member Center has links to the current State Directory and Oregon News Archives.

View State Programs on YouTube

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, AAUW of Oregon has offered online training opportunities for all members via the Zoom platform. Recordings of these training sessions are available for viewing on the AAUW of Oregon YouTube channel.  For questions about accessing the trainings, please contact Nancy Brown, AAUW of Oregon Events Coordinator.