Position Description: Historian

Position summary: The state historian is responsible for collecting and archiving the records of
the AAUW of Oregon activities – the institutional memory.

Please keep a record of your activities during the year and upgrade this description as needed.

Major duties:
• Serve on the AAUW of Oregon Board of Directors.
• Organize all important state records in chronological order.
• Ensure that everything is dated.

Time commitment: Along with the time necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, this position requires time to serve on the state board of directors and other committees as assigned. Attendance at state board meetings and conventions/annual meetings, and at the AAUW National Convention is strongly encouraged.

Resources: Consult with your predecessor; AAUW of Oregon State Directory, AAUW of Oregon
Bylaws and Policies; state website aauw-or.aauw.net; national website AAUW.org.
Recommendations for Managing State and Branch Records

Additional information:
Older records and state newsletters are located in the State of Oregon Archive in Salem, OR.
Much of the most recent material is in a warehouse in Gresham, OR. Entrance is by appointment only and you must call first to get permission and the address: 503-306-5236.
Any storage location chosen must be clean, cool and dry; avoid attics, basements, direct
sunshine and temperature fluctuations.
When you request that items be put in storage you will be asked to sign a legal document giving
up your ownership rights, due to the high cost of storing, processing and preserving materials.
By signing the “deed of gift”, you are transferring ownership of both the physical collections and
intellectual property rights of the collection to the state repository.

Unfold documents when possible and store in Mylar sleeves; do not overstuff folders or boxes.
Mark items with pencil when necessary, and photocopy newspaper items.
Items to save:
• articles of incorporation or charters
• minutes of all state executive committee, board of directors and annual meetings
• organizational charts
• programs from state meetings
• state newsletters
• budgets, audits and financial reports
• bylaws, policies and all revisions 1• state directories
• membership lists
• legal documents
• project summaries
• audio-visual recordings of meetings and events
• newspaper clippings of events
• correspondence that documents state actions

(adopted April 2020)