Position Description: Website Manager

Position summary:
Act as AAUW of Oregon liaison to the state’s current website hosting company which is “site resources” at national AAUW – aauw.org

Please keep a record of your activities during the year and upgrade this description as needed.

Leadership skills: communications, familiarity with current technology tools that AAUW of
Oregon uses, i.e. WordPress, Google Drive, MS Word, pdf files, Excel, Zoom and email, training and mentoring.

Major duties:
• Serve on the AAUW of Oregon Board of Directors.
• Keep the information on the website current by conducting periodic reviews and revisions of
site information.
• Use the AAUW Style Guide and National website to present information that is accurate and
consistent with AAUW format and policy.
• Advocate for optimal AAUW of Oregon presence on key search engines.
• Publish to the state website all relevant and appropriate information provided by the state
leadership team and branch presidents or their appointed web managers.
• Respond to email inquiries regarding related topics.
• Act as a resource to branches developing either their independent websites or state-hosted
summary webpages.
• Facilitate branch links to the state and national websites.
• Create and maintain links to coalition allies and provide reciprocal links from our website to theirs.
• Attend the state leadership meetings as requested or notify the presiding officer as to why
attendance is not possible.
• Participate as a member of the communications committee.
• Follow procedures as written in the AAUW of Oregon Bylaws and Policies.

Time commitment:
Along with the time necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, this position requires
time to serve on the state board of directors and other committees as assigned.

Consult with your predecessor; AAUW of Oregon Bylaws and Policies; AAUW of Oregon Directory; state website aauw-or.aauw.net; national website AAUW.org.

(revised Nov. 2021)