Fall Oregon News: AAUW-OR YouTube is a Wealth of Resources

August is the time when Oregon AAUW typically holds a Summer Leadership meeting.  We held the last one in person in August 2019 at Western Oregon University.  Since then, our meetings have been on Zoom (remember Summer Skills Camp, Summer Skills Camp 2.1 and Continuing Education?), and we had more sessions than we would have if we had met in person. Our brilliant Events Coordinator/Zoom Guru, Nancy Brown, has recorded (and carefully edited!) and posted over 35 sessions on YouTube.

In June 2022, at our first in-person board meeting in two and a half years, the Board agreed that we should hold off on a summer meeting and instead re-introduce you to the wonders of Zoom/YouTube so that you could explore the topics that interest you at your own pace. After you view sessions, we encourage you to talk with your colleagues, state officers, and other branches to discuss what you learned and what you want help with.

To help you determine what you might be interested in, we have arranged the YouTube presentations by general category. The list is not comprehensive, but once you get on our YouTube channel (AAUW of Oregon YouTube), you will see other programs you might want to view. Besides the training events, there are videos of annual meetings, awards celebrations, special branch programs and lobby events.

Note: AAUW Oregon YouTube is at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJOb-EcZjf55EiP_r8upeYQ. When we get 100 subscribers, we can get a custom URL that is easier to find. So, please subscribe if you haven’t already.)

Programs related to leadership

  • Making Meetings Worthwhile and Fun – 8/19/20
  • What Do AAUW State and National Do For Us? – 8/8/20
  • Exemplary Branch Programs – 8/22/20
  • Where Will We Find Our Next Leaders? – 8/13/20
  • AAUW Membership Matters – 8/15/20
  • Roberts Rules of Order & Mock Meeting – 10/26/20
  • Leadership Succession – 11/16/20
  • AAUW Fund: How to Support AAUW and Why – 12/10/20
  • How to Build/Rebuild a Branch – 1/6/21
  • AAUW Five Star Program – 1/14/21
  • Mission Related Programs – 1/20/21
  • Town Hall with AAUW Board Chair Julia Brown – 3/22/21
  • Care and Feeding of Volunteers – 8/18/21
  • Successful Branch Projects – 11/3/21
  • Meet AAUW CEO Gloria Blackwell – 1/24/22

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/Anti-Racism

  • The Votes for Women Movement in Oregon and the Continuing Struggle for Democracy and Human Rights – 8/9/20
  • The Work We Need to Do – 8/11/20
  • What Needs to Change? – 10/28/20
  • Traumatic Real Origins of Thanksgiving – 12/1/20
  • Bias and Hate and What the Oregon DOJ is Doing – 1/29/21
  • How Far We Have Come – 1/4/21
  • Coalition Building for Oregon’s Latinx Families – 2/21/21
  • Critical Race Theory – 8/23/21


  • Tech Talk with Nancy: Using Zoom – 10/19/20
  • Tech Talk with Nancy: Facebook Pages & Mailchimp – 5/6/21
  • Mailchimp – 12/14/20
  • Instagram for Branches – 1/17/21
  • Tech Talk with Nancy: Instagram Posting from a Computer – 3/13/21
  • Tech Office Hours with Lily – 12/6/21
  • Working Effectively with Social Media to Promote Your Branch – 8/10/21
  • Website Fundamentals – 8/19/21
  • Is Mailchimp for Your Branch? – 8/25/21


  • Prof. Kimberly Jensen keynote: The Votes for Women Movement in Oregon – 8/3/20
  • Mindful Activism and Self Care – 8/15/20
  • Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson keynote – 4/20/21
  • Why We Are in AAUW: STEM with West Linn High School Robotics Team – 8/16/21
  • Downsizing: Don’t Let Stuff Stop You – 8/26/21
  • Aging Gracefully – 4/8/22
  • Rep. Pam Marsh Keynote: Bridging the Gap – 4/8/22
  • AAUW CEO Gloria Blackwell Opening Remarks – 4/9/22

2 thoughts on “Fall Oregon News: AAUW-OR YouTube is a Wealth of Resources

  1. Robin L Smith

    In August I joined $92.00 for an AAUW and Branch, Local, State and National membership. I indicated that I wanted to be part of a group at Oregon State University in Corvallis OR. I have been anxious to become a part of the association but now see that there is no group at Oregon State. I am a retired professor (Azusa Pacific University in CA and George Fox Graduate School in OR) and moved to Corvallis just before the outbreak of Covid. Unfortunately the only evidence of my accepted membership in Oregon is my cashed check. Please advise me of where I can fully participate in AAUW.

  2. Linda Lybecker, President, AAUW of Oregon

    Welcome and thank you for joining.
    Yes, the Corvallis branch of AAUW is currently inactive. Nearby branches include the Yamhill Area branch, and the Albany branch. There is also an active Online only branch.

    Please email us so we can check on where your branch dues were deposited, get you on the roster and reach out to welcome you to upcoming events.

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